Best Art Deco Flooring Options to Match Your Style

It’s the roaring ‘20s again, and art deco is back in style. If you’re creating an art deco style for your home, you’ve probably got a vision board with cool geometric wallpaper, glamorous furniture, and the perfect decor, but aren’t you forgetting something? 

Your style won’t be complete without some art deco flooring to pull everything together. Learning how to choose art deco flooring might seem intimidating at first, but we can help.

In this guide, you’ll learn more about this popular style, explore the different categories of flooring that work with this trend, and learn what to look for to get the perfect flooring for your home.

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What is Art Deco Style?

Joy Carpets Gatsby Carpet

Art deco design was the most popular style during the 1920s era – think The Great Gatsby, and that’s the style we’re talking about here. It’s characterized by geometric shapes, bold color contrasts, and glamorous looks with gold accents, chrome, and lots of fun texture.

When it comes to flooring art deco style is all about pattern, contrast, and making a statement. This ranges from geometric carpets to checkered flooring and intricate wood insets. 

There are lots of flooring options to explore, so let’s get started!

rt Deco Tile Flooring

Daltile Choreo

Tile flooring is the perfect medium for the art deco style. That’s because it’s easy to create bold patterns and contrasts. Plus, floor tile can be made to look like almost anything including luxurious materials like marble, gold, and other metals.

When considering tile for your home, there are also the benefits of durability and easy maintenance. Your floor can look effortlessly beautiful without you having to spend a lot of time on maintenance. 

If you think this is the right flooring for you, here are a few style tips to keep in mind so you’re matching the art deco style perfectly.

Geometric Patterns

daltile memoir

When in doubt, opt for an intricate geometric pattern with lots of contrast. The art deco style has lots of influences, from modernism and cubism to more “exotic” patterns like Morrocan tile. If you’re going with a bold pattern on the floor, make sure to balance that with more neutral decor.

Black and White Tiles

Shaw Elegance Mosaics

Black and white is a timeless classic, but it’s also a staple of this style. Look for unique shapes like hexagons or octagons to bring out the art deco glamor even more. The contrast works especially well in kitchens and bathrooms.

Shell or Fan Tile Shape

Shaw Chateau Natural Stone Ornamentals Tile

Fan tile or shell tile is a huge trend right now, particularly in bathrooms, so you might not have even realized that it was originally an art deco look. This fun, eye-catching tile shape was also incredibly popular back in the 1920s and 1930s. 

Shop the Art Deco Tile Flooring Look:

Daltile MemoirShaw Elegance MosaicsShaw Chateau Natural Stone Ornamentals TileRelated Content > Tile Flooring Trends

rt Deco Carpet Flooring

Joy Carpets Pinnacle Carpet

Carpet is a great way to introduce some art deco style into your home because it comes in virtually any pattern you can think of. Plus, it’s softer and more comfortable than hard surfaces.

The great thing about carpet is that if you don’t want full wall-to-wall carpet in your home, you can always choose an area rug to add a pop of color and style while still enjoying the easier maintenance of a hard floor.

If you want carpet as your art deco flooring, remember these helpful style tips.

Greens and Blues

Joy Carpets Moderne Carpet

Jewel tones like green and blue aren’t common in all art deco flooring, but for carpet, you’ll see these colors a lot. They create a sense of luxury and they work well with sharp, clean lines and geometrics. 

Gold Accents

Joy Carpets Gatsby Carpet

You can’t have an art deco look without a touch of gold. Metallics are a big part of this style, and carpet (like tile) can mimic this look somewhat. You’ll see it used a lot as a contrast to brighter colors or dark neutrals, and also as a trim. 

Shop the Art Deco Carpet Look:

Joy Carpets Pinnacle CarpetJoy Carpets Moderne CarpetGatsby CarpetRelated Content > Carpet Flooring Trends

rt Deco Vinyl Flooring

Mannington Revive 12' Luxury Vinyl Sheet

Vinyl flooring is perfect for the art deco style because it can come in virtually any look or pattern that you want. That means you can choose intricate looks with lots of color and contrasts.

Vinyl flooring comes in planks, tiles, and rolls, so you can pick from a huge variety of options to get exactly the look you want. This flooring option is also very DIY-friendly, so you can save money on installation.

Follow these guidelines to find art deco vinyl flooring that matches your look.

Checkered Black and White Flooring

Soda Shoppe Flex Tiles

Checkered black and white flooring is a classic look that’s perfect for the art deco style, as well as other aesthetics. That means you can still keep your floor if you ever want to change your look. It’s simple, clean, and timeless, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms.

Detailed Patterns

Geo Flex Tiles

A lot of the detailed patterns in art deco were inspired by the machine age, which means you’ll get a lot of metallic looks and intricate, almost machinery-like designs. Look for something with a lot of symmetry, overlapping lines, and precise geometry.

Shop the Art Deco Vinyl Flooring Look:

Mannington Revive 12′ Luxury Vinyl SheetSoda Shoppe Flex TilesGeo Flex TilesRelated Content > Vinyl Flooring Trends

rt Deco Wood Flooring

Shaw Fifth Avenue Oak Engineered Wood

Wood flooring might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to this style, but you shouldn’t count it out. With hardwood floors, you can enjoy increased home value as well as excellent style.

Another great thing about art deco wood flooring is that the look is versatile. If you change your mind and want to restyle your home, your floors can stay, which can save you a ton of money.

Is art deco wood flooring for you? Then check out these style tips to get a floor that completes your room.

Herringbone Flooring

Shaw Fifth Avenue Oak Engineered Wood

Herringbone wood flooring is very popular right now, even beyond the art deco trend. This is an elegant yet fun pattern that brings a lot of personality to your space. The best part? A lot of engineered wood flooring is now being manufactured in this pattern, so it’s even easier to install. 

Geometric Inlays

Daltile Choreo

Wood inlays were a huge deal in the art deco period. A lot of times, these intricate inlays are much easier to accomplish with wood-look flooring, such as tile, which is what you can see in the image above. 

You can get the same gorgeous look of wood, but those detailed patterns are pre-printed on the tile, so you avoid having to make a ton of complex cuts.

Shop the Art Deco Wood Flooring Look:

Shaw Fifth Avenue Oak Engineered WoodDaltile Choreo TileRelated Content > Wood Flooring Trends


Make your art deco home come to life with flooring that matches your style. Whether you want patterned carpet with gold accents, black and white tile, or herringbone pattern wood flooring, you can now shop with confidence knowing exactly what you need to look for in a floor.

Are you ready to get your new roaring ‘20s style started?

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10 Cleaning Tips for Dance Floors: Marley, Tiles, and More

So many dance numbers require dancing barefoot or performing moves on the ground. So you’ll want your floor to be as clean as possible. But dance floors can get messy quickly, which is why it’s important to know the best cleaning practices and frequency of clean dance floors.

From daily and weekly maintenance to yearly deep cleaning, there’s a lot to learn. This guide will walk you through the best practices for maintaining your dance floors and keeping them clean and sanitized.  

Dance Flooring Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Cleaning Steps to Avoid: Rosco Adagio Tour Rolls - Custom Cut

Before even beginning to clean your dance floors, you’ll want to know the most common mistakes to avoid. Here’s what not to do when cleaning dance floors. 

Practices to avoid:

Excessive wet-mopping: Frequently wet-mopping your dance floors can potentially ruin its flexibility and finish over time. If your dance floors are being used daily, it’s best to wet-mop them every two to three days, at the most. Bleach: Bleach can discolor your flooring, but that’s not all. It also damages your floor’s surface over time.Alcohol, ammonia, and acetone: While these three common cleaning materials might be great for other floors, they can do a real number on your dance floor. Using any of these solutions will break down the plasticizer in your floor, causing the floor to become rigid and crack. Oil-based cleaning products: Cleaning solutions with an oil base leave a residue on your dance floor and create a slippery surface. Related Content > How to Choose Dance Flooring

Best Dance Flooring Cleaners and Tools

Dance Floor Cleaning Supplies: Dance Floor Cleaner Kit

It’s important to know what tools are best for cleaning dance floors. From cleaning solutions to brooms, effectively cleaning your dance floor requires a few things. 

Dance Floor Maintenance Supplies

Get your routine off to the right start with these recommended supplies. 

Non-abrasive cloth: To gently remove those pesky scuff marks, a non-abrasive rag is a perfect solution.Soft-bristled broom: Sweep up the dirt and debris with your desired choice of broom and dustpan. All-purpose mops: An all-in-one mop will help you dry mop to pick up all the dirt you can’t see, and wet mop for any stuck-on dirt. 

Dance Floor Cleaning Solutions

With all the bare feet and floor work involved in dancing, dance floorings can get greasy and dirty after one rehearsal. The right cleaning solutions will help disinfect and clean your floors. 

By using a mild detergent degreaser, you can help your floors look new. The best way to go is to find an all-purpose cleaner that works on a variety of surfaces. This solution should be used weekly on your dance floor.

For when you’re deep cleaning your dance floor, a more heavy-duty floor cleaner will help eliminate all the build-up on your floors and disinfect semi-annually. 

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Sweeping and Dry Mopping Dance Floors

Sweeping and Dry-Mopping Dance Floors: Practice Dance Tiles

If you’re in a studio, holding classes and rehearsals every day, cleaning your dance floors daily is essential for keeping your floors looking good. 

Therefore, sweeping and dry mopping your floors after every use and at the end of the day will help prevent dirt and oils from building up. If you don’t use your floor every day, practice these cleaning routines after every use. 

While sweeping, focus on picking up any crumbs or hair. That way you’re not dragging crumbs around on your floor while you dry mop. 

Dry mopping with a non-abrasive or microfiber cloth will pick up the dirt and grease you can’t see. You do not want to wet mop your floors every day, because, over time, that can potentially ruin the flexibility and finish of the floor. 

Wet-Mopping Dance Floors

Wet- Mopping Dance Floors: VersaStep Dance Rolls - Custom Cut

After sweeping daily, it’s time to wet mop. A few times a week, your dance floors should be wet mopped to disinfect and to eliminate oils, sweat, lotions, and other residues.

How often you mop depends on how frequently you use the flooring.

Moderately used dance floors: If you are using your floor every single day, multiple times a day, you should disinfect your floors two-three times a week by following the manufacturer’s instructions for use, then evenly mopping the entire floor, and letting it dry. Lightly used dance floors: For floors only being used a few times a week, use the manufacturer’s recommended mixture of all-purpose cleaner and warm water and evenly mop the floor once weekly. 

Deep Cleaning Your Dance Floors

Deep Cleaning Dance Flooring: Rosco Adagio Tour Rolls - Custom Cut

Regularly sweeping and mopping is an awesome way to maintain gorgeous dance floors. However, adding a deep cleaning regimen to your routine about twice a year will help your floors look great for years to come. 

To get this done, we recommend you rent out an automatic floor scrubber machine every six months, use your favorite heavy-duty dance floor cleaner, and get your floors in tip-top shape. 

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How to Remove Scuff Marks From Dance Flooring

Cleaning Dance Floors: Eco-Wood Dance Mats

When you’re leaping and sliding in hard-sole shoes, scuffs happen. Thankfully, they’re also easy to handle with the right tools. 

To remove scuff marks on dance flooring, you can use a non-abrasive cloth or tennis ball to rub the scuff away. If this doesn’t take care of the scuff, use a diluted floor cleaner and cloth and try again. If you need to remove several marks at once, use a microfiber mop to get it done faster. 

Cleaning Specific Types of Dance Floors

If you’re in the dance world, you know there are a lot of different types of dance floors out there. To ensure you know the right way to take care of your floor, let’s break it down with cleaning tips for each dance floor type. 

Tips for Cleaning Marley Floors

Cleaning Marley Floors: Rosco Marley Mat™

Marley is one of the most popular studio dance floors and is extremely easy to care for because it’s made of long-lasting vinyl. 

To clean Marley for daily use, first, sweep away any debris and dry mop it to keep its professional appearance. Then once the floor has been swept, use a damp mop and your desired dance floor cleaner to mop the floor to remove any stuck-on dirt.

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Tips for Cleaning Vinyl Dance Floor Tiles

How to Clean Vinyl Tiles: Flat Top Dance Tiles

To clean vinyl dance floor tiles, simply sweep and/or dry mop the floor daily to make sure it stays clean and free of debris. You can damp mop this floor using a common household cleaner and warm water. Just be sure the household cleaner is not oil-based as this can create a slippery surface.

Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Dance Floors

How to Clean Hardwood Dance Floors: Hardwood Dance Flooring

Wood dance floors are the original flooring choice for many dance studios and banquet halls. It takes some special care to keep these floors looking amazing for a long time. 

First things first, always sweep your dance floor, then mop with a mild detergent that is not oil-based. 

Every month or so, after mopping, treat your floor with a light application of dance floor wax, such as Superior Dance Floor Wax. Use a soft-bristled push broom to evenly spread the wax across the floor and remove any excess.

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With all the right tools and cleaning solutions, clean dance floors are easily managed. Be sure to establish a regular cleaning routine to make maintaining your floor effortless. 

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Modern Flooring Ideas: 11 Options for Contemporary Homes

Modern design is one of the most beloved styles around. Clean lines, neutral color palettes, simplicity, and functionality are all encompassed in one classic style. If you’re looking to create that style in your home, you’ve probably pinned and bookmarked the perfect decor and furniture, but what about your modern flooring ideas?

To find the right modern flooring option for your home, it’s important to understand what elements make a modern-styled home. Then, discover what flooring options are out there to complete your space. 

This guide will compare similar styles to help you narrow down your flooring options, and go over all the modern flooring trends that lay the groundwork for a modern style. Let’s begin!

What is Modern Style?

What is Modern Style? Hobnail Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Modern style refers to a specific time in history. Also known as classic, modern design is inspired by the early 20th century and is a precursor to other known styles such as mid-century modern and contemporary. 

Modernism creates striking, yet simple, silhouettes with clean lines, earth-toned color palettes, and natural materials such as wood, stone, and leather.You won’t see pops of color in modern design. More often, you’ll see warm neutral colors, and a balance of all elements incorporated in the room. 

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Modern vs. Contemporary Styles

Because modern design is a pillar of contemporary style, the two are often mistaken for one another. However, each style has distinct differences that are important to understand when incorporating either style in your home. 

Unlike modern style, contemporary is not inspired by a specific time in history. It’s the style that changes with the times and different design features, with nuances of other styles sprinkled in. It’s said that contemporary takes pieces of Art Deco, modernism, and minimalism, and many other design elements without being focused on one style in particular. 

Oftentimes, the contemporary style includes materials such as nickel, steel, copper, and chrome while modern keep it all neutral. However, the main difference is that contemporary is more fluid with its design elements, whereas modern design emphasizes functionality, simplicity, and streamlined design (source). 

Modern vs. Mid-Century Modern Styles 

Mid-century modern style was built from modern design. However, it is inspired by the 1950-1960 time period. Think of mid-century modern as modern design’s funky cousin!

This style of design incorporates bold colors, low furniture with exposed furniture legs, and abstract geometric patterns, all while keeping the straight clean lines in the floors and furniture.

The biggest change from modern to mid-century design is the color choice. While mid-century modern design still loves the functionality and crisp lines of the modern style, it includes a fun twist with pops of bright colors. Essentially, the mid-century modern style looks a bit more lived-in than its modern counterpart. 

Now that you know what you’re looking for when planning your modern home, let’s talk about some flooring options that fit with the overall aesthetics of modern design. 

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Modern Flooring Tile

Modern Tile Flooring: Daltile Vertuo

Because modern style relies on natural materials, tile flooring is an excellent choice for a modern-inspired home. Tile creates beautiful, clean lines within your flooring while also incorporating neutral colors and natural materials. 

Modern homes typically come with concrete or natural stone tiles all the same size and installed in a standard tile format, creating eye-catching lines. Mostly large format, rectangular or square tiles set modern homes apart.

Natural Stone-Look Tile Floors

Natural Stone Look: Daltile Cove Creek

Natural stone tile flooring is a simple, gorgeous modern flooring solution. Because natural stone is just that, natural, it encompasses two of modern design’s distinctive elements, a neutral backdrop with materials from nature. 

Smooth stone tile is the most common texture for modern tile flooring. With stone-look tile, you are guaranteed an effortless style that’s easy to complement with minimalist decor and furniture. You can also dress the room up or dress it down if you want to change up your style. 

Wood-Look Tile Floors

Wood Look Tile: Daltile Emerson Wood

Just as simple as the stone-look tile, you get the look of natural wood, with the crisp grout lines of tile flooring. With effortless maintenance, the wood-look tile floor has everything your modern home could want. 

Typically, you’ll find light, medium, and dark shades of wood-look tile, as all wood tones are popular in modern homes. This provides a natural vibe to the room’s gorgeous modern elements. 

Large Format Tile Floors

Modern Flooring Trends: Daltile RevoTile - Stone Visual

Modern floors, regardless of pattern, often look seamless. This is done by using large format tiles with a thin grout line. This gives your floor a balanced tone to match with decor and furnishings. 

Whether you choose large format wood-look, stone, or concrete tile flooring, large format tiles help tie the modern style of the room together. 

Shop the Modern Tile Flooring Look:

If tile flooring is the right fit for your modern home, check out some of our favorite options to get started. 

Daltile RevoTile – Wood VisualDaltile AffinityEmser Tile CosmopolitanRelated Content > Farmhouse Flooring Trends

Modern Wood Flooring

Modern Wood Flooring: Johnson Hardwood Wilderness Birch Engineered Wood

Due to its earthy color palette, wood flooring is often found in most modern homes. While this option comes in many variations, it still provides the classic modern appearance the style calls for. With a variety of shades and plank sizes trending, you can create your modern home in no time.

Most wood floors come in a variety of shade options, from whitewashed wood to dark, wood floors bring depth and create an eye-catching backdrop for modern homes. 

Light Wood-Look Flooring

Light Wood Modern Floors: Shaw Expressions White Oak Engineered Wood

Light to medium shade wood floors varies from light white oak wood to warm honey, to ever-popular gray wood. The most important part of modern wood flooring is that you see the natural grain to give that earthy element. 

It’s most common to see very light, natural wood floors in modern homes as light wood floors encompass the neutral and natural color palette a modern home needs. 

Dark Modern Wood Flooring

12mm Mannington Arcadia Waterproof Laminate

Dark wood flooring offers depth and moodiness to a modern room. It’s a common trend for dark wood floors to subtly show the natural grain of the wood, giving the room that earthy element. In other cases, the seams of a dark wood floor can look elongated which creates the striking look that the modern style is known for. 

Ultimately darkly shaded floors serve a dual purpose: a nice dramatic element to play off of with decor, wall colors, and furnishing, and a show-stopping organic piece for the modern home. 

Wide Plank Wood Flooring

Wide Plank Modern Flooring: 12mm Mohawk Crest Haven Waterproof Laminate

Similar to large format tiles, wide plank wood flooring offers a modern, seamless appearance to your floor. Plus, wide plank flooring is one of the more popular flooring trends today. 

In the modern home, wide planks make the room seem larger and allow the natural grain of the wood to shine. With straight flooring seams, wide plank flooring allows the modern style to be the star of every room. 

Shop the Modern Wood Flooring Look:

To get your modern home off to the right start, here are some of our favorite modern wood flooring options. 

Shaw Reflections Hickory Engineered Wood12mm Bel-Air Windwood Laminate FlooringAnderson Smooth Natural Timbers Engineered WoodRelated Content > Wood Flooring Trends

Modern Vinyl Flooring 

Vinyl flooring is one of the most versatile styles of flooring on the market. With the choice of planks, tiles, and sheet vinyl, all you need is that modern look to align the design of your home. Let’s go over some of the modern flooring options in the vinyl category. 

Natural Wood-Look Vinyl Plank Flooring 

Modern Flooring Trends: COREtec Plus 5

Like other wood-look flooring, vinyl planks allow the appearance of the wood grain to shine. Also available in a variety of shade options, vinyl planks are durable and fit right in the modern flooring options. 

With vinyl planks, modern homes can have the appearance of real wood with added durability. Throw in some leather furniture and minimalist decor, and you have yourself a modern-styled room. 

Large-Format Stone-Look Vinyl Tile 

Large format vinyl tiles: Shaw Paragon Tile Plus 12

Luxury vinyl tile adds a modern twist to your home. Made to mimic stone, these tiles are the perfect natural backdrop to your modern style. 

Similar to traditional tile, vinyl tile is available in large format, so it’s also commonly found in modern homes as a seamless, stone-look floor. Luxury vinyl tiles give the appearance of traditional tile but at a fraction of the cost. 

Monochromatic Sheet Vinyl

Monochromatic vinyl sheet: Tarkett Fresh Start 12' wide Vinyl Sheet

For an even more seamless modern flooring option, sheet vinyl is used in modern-style homes. 

With a monochromatic, textured vinyl sheet on the floor, the modern style is the star of the home. Neutral-toned vinyl sheets used as a balanced backdrop show off the smaller hints of modernism in the room. 

Shop the Modern Vinyl Flooring Look:

There’s so much variety with vinyl floors. To help narrow your search for modern vinyl flooring, take a look at some of our favorite options. 

TritonCORE Pro 7″ Rigid Core Vinyl PlanksStone Flex Tiles – Classic CollectionTarkett Fresh Start 12′ wide Vinyl SheetRelated Content > Vinyl Flooring Trends

Modern Carpet Flooring

Modern Carpet Flooring: Masland Distinguished

With the right carpet flooring, you can elevate your modern design. Natural materials like jute and a simple color palette can take your floor a long way. Let’s dive in.  

Low Pile Carpet Tile and Rolls

Low Pile Carpet: Shaw Function Carpet

There’s nothing cozier than carpet, right? In a modern-style home, you’ll typically find low-pile carpet rolls or tiles to help streamline the design of the room. The carpet will more than likely be minimalist and will have the same texture throughout. 

To encompass the natural element in a carpeted floor, oftentimes you’ll find beige, gray, and other earth-toned carpets to modernize the space. This also brings balance to the overall design of the room. 

Neutral, Textured Area Rugs

Weave Carpet Tiles: Natural Area Rugs

Similar to low pile carpet tiles and rolls, modern homes often incorporate neutral area rugs to tie together the room. Unlike rolls and tiles, however, modern area rugs are usually more textured and typically made with natural materials like hemp or jute. If there is any pattern, it’s created with the cut of the area rug and not with color. To fit in with other modern flooring trends, area rugs are often basic and minimalist. 

Shop the Modern Carpet Flooring Look:

To add some coziness to your modern home, allow us to point you to some of our favorite options. 

Shaw Intellect Carpet TileMasland Mesa VerdeRibbed Indoor Outdoor Area RugRelated Content > Carpet Flooring Trends


Modern style homes require a neutral, earthy aesthetic. To find the right flooring, it’s important to consider the color, material, and texture. 

Now that you know what you’re looking for, are you ready to start shopping for your dream modern flooring?

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2021 Holiday Gift Guide: 10+ Best Home Flooring Ideas

You probably know someone who’s always starting a renovation project, or maybe someone who flips houses and is always in search of quality, affordable flooring. To wow them with a thoughtful gift this holiday season, give the gift of the perfect home flooring!

There are tons of options to choose from for a home flooring gift, from waterproof vinyl to laminate and even carpet and tile. Get inspired by checking out these home flooring options!

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is a classic option for anyone looking for stylish flooring that’s ultra-durable, affordable, and maintains its beauty for years. There’s something for everyone with minimal maintenance and various sheet, plank, and tile options. Explore our most popular vinyl flooring below! 

Trending Looks

Wood-look:You’ll find an abundance of attractive vinyl flooring with authentic-looking wood grains. It’s by far one of our most popular styles. Stone-look: Upgrade your home with stylish and luxurious stone-look vinyl in tile, plank, and sheet options. Decorative: Decorative vinyl is perfect for homeowners looking to make a unique statement in their home. We’ve got a wide selection of intricate vinyl patterns to suit any style, including modern, bohemian, retro, and more. Related Content > Best Low-Voc Flooring Options for a Healthier Home

Rigid Core Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

Rigid Core Waterproof vinyl planks are one of the most heavy-duty flooring options on the market. Firstly they’re made with a 100% waterproof core, so you do not need to worry about moisture seeping into your subfloor, preventing damage, bacteria, and plank lifting. 

Next, the combination of a high-quality print layer and resilient wear layer provides you an effortlessly beautiful wood-look floor for the home, with minimal maintenance to keep it looking great. Additionally, many of our options are even DIY-certified so that you can install your new floor without extensive experience or tools. You can find a vast selection of plank options suited for residential and commercial settings. 

Customer Favorites

TritonCORE Pro 7” Rigid Core Vinyl PlanksCOREtec Pro Plus 7” Rigid Core Vinyl PlanksShaw Endura 512C Plus 7” Rigid Core Vinyl PlanksSHOP ALL RIGID CORE WATERPROOF VINYL FLOORING

Luxury Vinyl Planks

COREtec Pro Plus 7

Vinyl planks are highly sought-after for their realistic wood-look styles. Also, the easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant surfaces often feature enhanced textures to mimic the feel of natural hardwood, all protected by a durable wear layer. DIY-friendly installation is an essential factor as well. 

These days, most luxury vinyl planks use an interlocking tongue and groove installation system so that you can lay the floor yourself without the need for a professional. These features make vinyl planks one of the most stylish, user-friendly flooring options on the market.

Customer Favorites

Mannington Adura Max 6” Waterproof PlankCOREtec Pro Plus 7” Rigid Core Vinyl PlanksAdura Max Apex 16” Waterproof Vinyl PlanksSHOP ALL VINYL PLANKS

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

COREtec Plus 18

For the latest in stone-look styles, nothing beats vinyl tiles. You can choose from the ultra-luxurious look of marble, and other stone looks, all without paying the price for natural stone. Like vinyl planks, luxury vinyl tiles often feature realistic textures for a more convincing appearance and feel.

Vinyl tiles are warmer than natural stone floors and more comfortable to stand on. Plus, they are easier to take care of than natural stone since they don’t need special sealers or cleaning products to look their best. Installation is also a breeze, so you can always install the flooring without the need for a pro.

Customer Favorites

Stone Flex Tiles – Classic CollectionMargo Flex Tiles – Modern MosaicsStone Flex Tiles – Gemstone CollectionSHOP ALL VINYL TILES

Vinyl Sheets

Mannington Benchmark 6' Vinyl Sheet

Do you know someone looking for vinyl flooring that’s stylish, easy to install, and budget-friendly? Give the gift of vinyl sheets!

These days, many vinyl sheet flooring options come with a durable fiberglass backing that provides extra stability, so you can install it by simply spreading it out and securing the edges with double-sided vinyl tape. Easy to clean and maintain, sheet vinyl won’t trap dust, pet dander, or other allergens, and it practically takes care of itself.

Customer Favorites

Shaw Great Basin 12’ Wide Vinyl SheetMannington Benchmark 6’ Vinyl SheetShaw Great Plains 12’ wide Vinyl SheetSHOP ALL VINYL SHEETS 

Laminate Flooring

12mm Mohawk Rare Vintage Laminate Flooring

This season, give the gift of stunning laminate flooring! It’s a fantastic alternative to natural wood that is durable and easy to clean and install. Available in an extensive array of wood species, waterproof options, and thicknesses, you can find laminate planks to suit any residential or commercial space. 

Trending Surfaces

Distressed: Distressed laminate planks offer a rustic, aged look without having to distress the flooring yourself. The distressed laminate look and texture are wildly popular with farmhouse interiors and are the perfect way to add charm. Embossed in register: This is one of our most hyper-realistic laminate textures. You will feel the fine grains and indentations that match the laminate wood look. In addition, with the indentations aligning perfectly, it achieves a three-dimensional appearance and experience underfootSmooth: If you’re looking for beautiful wood-look flooring that has a satin finish, we’ve got just the right options for you. You’ll find with smooth laminate flooring that the texture is soft and more subtle than other options. Related Content > Laminate Flooring Pros and Cons

Water Resistant Laminate

12mm Gold Coast WaterResist Laminate

Laminate planks create a warm, welcoming feel in any space, with incredibly realistic wood looks and a durable wear layer to protect it from wear and tear. Waterproof laminate takes the durability one step further, allowing you to install it in more moisture-prone areas.

Waterproof laminate can be a lifesaver for a busy home with kids and pets, requiring little maintenance and always looking effortlessly gorgeous. 

Customer Favorites

14mm KronoSwiss Origin Wide Plank Laminate13mm Tuffcore Estate WaterResist Laminate12mm Mohawk Boardwalk Waterproof LaminateSHOP ALL WATER RESISTANT LAMINATE 

USA Made Laminate

12mm Mohawk Elderwood Waterproof Laminate

If you love supporting American manufacturers, we have a selection of stylish laminate planks for you to choose from. Sourced and made right here in the USA, this flooring is made with the highest quality materials and is durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. Shop our different laminate plank colors, species, and surfaces to find the perfect one for you!

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Hillside Hickory Waterproof LaminateArcadia Waterproof Laminate12mm Mohawk Elderwood Waterproof LaminateSHOP ALL USA MADE LAMINATE

Wide Plank Laminate

12mm Mannington Whiskey Mill Waterproof Laminate

Wide plank laminate flooring is a fantastic choice for large areas of the home. With extra-wide planks, you can install much faster and visually fill the space rather than with traditional-sized laminate planks. 

Additionally, you can add depth and visual interest by installing it in different patterns. We recommend diagonally installing your laminate for a unique take on the wood flooring look. 

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14mm KronoSwiss Origin Wide Plank Laminate12mm Whisky Mill Waterproof LaminateRare Vintage Laminate Flooring12mm Mannington Palace Waterproof LaminateSHOP ALL WIDE PLANK LAMINATE

Engineered Wood Flooring

Shaw Expressions White Oak Engineered Wood

Upgrade your home with engineered hardwood floors, and enjoy the increased property value. This alternative to solid hardwood flooring consists of layers of high-density fiberboard (HDF). It’s a solid investment in your home that will end up paying dividends as time passes.

Made with a real wood veneer, each plank of engineered hardwood showcases an authentic wood grain and texture. You can pick from various wood species, including hickorywalnutmapleoak, and more. You’ll never see any repeating patterns or unconvincing looks because it’s the real thing!

Trending Textures

Engineered hardwood comes in several textures for a real wood feel underfoot. 

Wirebrushed Wirebrushed textures often have a uniform texture and a semi-matte finish, which creates a lived-in, antique look. Distressed: You’ll find burns, knots, and scrapes with distressed engineered wood flooring. Handscraped This beautiful hand-honed texture shows long scrapes throughout your engineered wood planks. To give it that natural, rustic character, the surface will vary plank by plank. Related Content > Farmhouse Flooring: Ideas for a Country Chic Home

Waterproof Engineered Wood

Mohawk Ultrawood Crosby Cove Engineered Wood

Waterproof engineered hardwood takes all the benefits of traditional engineered wood, plus 100% waterproofing capabilities. Also, because of its increased moisture resistance, you can install it in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and even in basements

No section of the home is off-limits with waterproof engineered wood flooring! Explore our beautiful wood tones, from light oak to deep hickory.  

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Mohawk Ultrawood Crosby Cove Engineered WoodSebastian Isle Engineered WoodUlrawood Westport Cape Engineered WoodSHOP ALL WATERPROOF ENGINEERED WOOD

Multi-Width Plank Engineered Wood

Toscana Walnut Engineered Hardwood

Leave a unique statement in your home with multi-width engineered wood planks! This look is incredibly trendy right now for homeowners who desire a more natural, authentic look for their space. If you’re feeling adventurous, this one’s for you!

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Engineered Hardwood Toscana Maple Engineered WoodToscana Walnut Engineered HardwoodSHOP ALL Multi-Width Plank Engineered Wood

USA Made Engineered Wood

12mm Mannington Park City Oak Engineered Wood

Looking for premium quality engineered wood? Our American-made engineered wood flooring is a fantastic choice you can trust, as it’s sourced and manufactured right here in the USA Feel assured your purchase is coming from top American manufacturers that pride themselves on providing the highest quality wood flooring that will uphold for years to come.   

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Mohawk Ulrawood Westport Cape Engineered Wood12mm Mannington Park City Oak Engineered WoodShaw Brushed Suede Engineered WoodSHOP ALL USA MADE ENGINEERED WOOD


Daltile Remedy Wall Tile

Tile is an effortless way to dress up every room of your home! Explore the unbeatable tile options and choose from floor tile, wall tile, or even backsplash mosaic tile to add a special touch to your space.

Trending Shapes

Tiles are one of the most versatile options to spruce up your walls and floors. Today, you’ll find dozens of unique shapes to accent your style. Check out just a few of the most popular shapes below. 

Hexagon: This attractive shape is taking over the interior design scene. Hexagon tile is often referred to as honeycomb tile. You can often see large hexagon-shaped floor tiles and wall tiles for the bathroom.Subway: Subway tile offers a modern, clean aesthetic to your backsplash or walls. It’s a classic rectangular tile look that remains one of the most popular options for the home. If you want an even more unique style, there are a variety of marble, glass, and stone subway looks to choose from.Rectangle: You’ll find the most variety of tile colors with this pleasing tile shape. You can install them in several ways, such as diagonally, straight, or parallel to the wall, resulting in a completely different aesthetic.Related Content > Best Tile Flooring: Top Floor Tiles to Make a Statement

Floor Tile

Daltile RevoTile - Stone Visual

When you give floor tile, what you’re really gifting is a huge flooring upgrade. More than any other flooring, tile is durable, waterproof, and designed to stand the test of time. 

Tile also holds the distinction of being the most versatile flooring in terms of style. You can find porcelain and ceramic tile in virtually any size, shape, and color. That includes popular wood-look and stone-look designs. Plus, installing tile doesn’t have to require a professional anymore. The new RevoTile click locking tile is designed for DIYers of all skill levels.

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Daltile RevoTile – Wood VisualShaw Gala Glass MosaicDaltile FabriqueSHOP ALL FLOOR TILE

Wall Tile

Daltile SimplyStick Mosaix

Time for an accent wall! Wall tile is a great option when you want to update the style in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. With so many bold colors, shapes, and patterns, you’re sure to make a statement.

Another benefit of wall tile is durability. Unlike paint or other wall treatments, tile is waterproof, won’t dent, and resists scratches and stains. This is a huge plus for hectic households or areas where the furniture always seems to bump into the wall. 

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Daltile Color Wheel Wall TileDaltile SimplyStick MosaicShaw Marlow Deco Mix 8” x 8”SHOP ALL WALL TILE

Backsplash and Mosaic Tile

Daltile Stone A' La Mod Mosaic

No kitchen or bathroom is complete without mosaic tile behind the sink to protect the walls from moisture – not to mention the style! With everything from genuine marble and limestone to bold metallic-look tiles, it’s easy to find a backsplash that will be the centerpiece of the room.

Backsplash tiles come in DIY-friendly mosaic sheets, so half the work is done for you already, but it gets even better. These days, you can find peel and stick backsplash tiles made from natural stone. It looks gorgeous, and no one will believe how easy it is to install.

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Shaw Chateau Natural Stone Ornamentals TileDaltile Vertuo MosaicShaw Elegance Subway TilesSHOP ALL BACKSPLASH AND MOSAIC TILE


Joy Carpets Windsor Carpet

Nothing beats the softness, comfort, and warmth of carpet. Plus, these days, carpet is a lot more versatile, and you can choose from carpet tiles, broadloom carpet rolls, area rugs, and even outdoor carpet

Trending Patterns

Today, you’ll find a massive selection of stylish carpet patterns. Whether you’re into a traditional, subdued look or a show-stopping design, we’ve got something for every aesthetic. 

Floral: Elegant and classy. Floral patterns are the perfect addition to any room of the home. We have various muted options and more vibrant floral patterns to add a pop to your interior.  Geometric Liven up your home or business with geometric carpet patterns. With bold shapes, colors, and patterns, this option is sure to bring attention to your floors. Decorative: Thinking of something abstract? Check out our decorative carpet for unique designs you won’t find anywhere else. Related Content > Best Carpet for Pets: Pet-Friendly Carpet Options

Carpet Rolls

Masland Dorado

Broadloom carpets, also known as carpet rolls are a gift that keeps on giving. As the most comfortable flooring option, carpet creates a place in your home to relax, play with the kids, or enjoy some coziness

From bedrooms to living rooms and even home theaters, carpet rolls are the ideal flooring. Plus, they provide warmth, sound absorption, softness, and style. 

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Hobnail CarpetMasland DoradoMasland Mesa VerdeSHOP ALL CARPET ROLLS  

Carpet Tiles

Shaw Floorigami Dynamic Vision Carpet Plank

Carpet tiles are an excellent option for a quick and easy flooring update. Many carpet tiles come with a self-adhering backing that lets you peel and stick the tiles to the floor, simple as that. They’re ideal for any residential environment, and best of all, they’re affordable, too.

Don’t forget about the appearance either! With carpet tiles, you can mix and match colors and even create your patterns. Your imagination is the only limit.

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Berber Carpet TilesHeritage Carpet TilesShaw Floorigami Dynamic Vision Carpet PlankSHOP ALL CARPET TILES

Home Theater Carpet

Joy Carpets Fleur-de-Lis Carpet

Take your home movie experience to the next level with ultra-durable home theater carpet! It’s available in a wide variety of rolls, tiles, and spectacular patterns – including themed and glow-in-the-dark options! 

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Feature Film CarpetWalk of Fame CarpetFleur-de-Lis CarpetSHOP ALL HOME THEATER CARPET

rea Rugs

Gingham Indoor Outdoor Area Rug

Sometimes, the perfect gift isn’t an entire floor but instead a nice accent rug. Area rugs are making a comeback as more people opt for hard flooring and just toss down a rug, and you get some much-needed softness and warmth.

Additionally, our area rugs are excellent in both indoor and outdoor spaces, so there’s no limit to where you can add a bit of texture and color.

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Hobnail Indoor Outdoor Area RugContours Indoor Outdoor Area RugGingham Indoor Outdoor Area RugSHOP ALL AREA RUGS

Outdoor Carpet

Weave Carpet Tiles

An outdoor carpet can completely transform spaces like porches and patios. No longer do you have to deal with too-hot flooring or the risk of wood splinters. It’s time to get comfortable in the great outdoors!

Available in rugs, tiles, and full rolls, outdoor carpet can withstand harsh weather and the beating sun, all without fading or attracting mold and mildew.

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On Trend Carpet TilesWeave Carpet TilesHobnail Carpet Tiles – DesignerSHOP ALL OUTDOOR CARPET

Happy Holiday Shopping! 

Hopefully, this list of the best home flooring gifts inspired you with the perfect present for that DIYer or house-flipper you know. Are you excited to surprise them with the flooring of their dreams? Get started!


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