Xtreme Flooring Previously Known as Beauty Crete

Jay Leonard of Beauty Crete and now Xtreme FlooringXtreme Flooring the company and the website are fairly new in town starting up in summer of 2013! Previous to Xtreme Flooring, the principles owned and operated Beauty Crete. Beauty Crete was owned and operated by Jay Leonard for nearly 10 years. Beauty Crete is a service provider for concrete flooring renovation and beautification solutions including epoxy coatings, Ceramic Carpet™ and concrete sealing solutions. Jay built Beauty Crete from the ground up hard work and dedication and built a large client base with many repeat customers!

Why Xtreme Flooring?

Xtreme Flooring - Hardwood Floor Renovation!

Xtreme Flooring – Hardwood Floor Renovation!

Jay and everyone at Beauty Crete wanted to add Hardwood Floor Recoating, an alternative to Hardwood Floor Refinishing, to the service portfolio. The challenge was that Beauty Crete had developed a solid reputation with concrete flooring solutions and felt that Hardwood Flooring should get more attention, there was no reason that hardwood flooring should be a step-child vs the concrete solutions and, voila, the birth of Xtreme Flooring! Xtreme Flooring has new processes, more employees and more options for existing customers and new customer and felt that providing customers an assortment of options is what they wants and needs!

A Dependable Flooring Contractor

Xtreme Flooring is an excellent Downriver flooring company that refinishes elegant and lasting hardwood floors and installs beautiful concrete floors. We maintain the highest standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

We offer our customers the best quality materials and experienced workmanship, at a reasonable price. We are dedicated to giving you the greatest value for your money. Most importantly, a value that will withstand the test of time.

Could your floors use some updating? We believe that the right flooring can shape the look and feel of any space. As an established flooring contractor in Downriver, our goal is to consistently offer our customers high quality flooring and impeccable service.

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