Stamped Concrete System

Stamped concrete sealing has become more popular over the last few years in all areas of construction.  Stamped concrete sealing has become a more cost effective and longer lasting substitute for other hardscape materials such as brick pavers or cobblestone. Since stamped concrete sealing is a solid mass it is less likely to lift over time, as pavers are likely to do.

Why You Should Seal Stamped Concrete

Whether you’re having a beautiful new stamped concrete patio, walkway or pool deck poured or you already have one, it’s important that you protect your investment. The right sealer will keep your stamped concrete looking great for many years, or rejuvenate an existing stamped surface. A sealer will improve the appearance of stamped concrete, prevent fading caused by UV rays and protect it from stains and harmful chemicals.

Because Michigan is a cold climate, sealing your stamped concrete will reduce the chance of freeze thaw damage. Freeze thaw damage can cause cracks or surface flaking and happens when water penetrates the concrete surface and then expands as it freezes. A sealer will keep water from sinking into your concrete. Water should bead up on the surface of the concrete if your sealer is doing its job.  If this is not happening,  it’s time to reseal your stamped concrete.  A sealer will enhance and protect your new or existing stamped concrete. When properly sealed and/or resealed the service life of concrete is greatly extended.

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Xtreme Flooring, formerly known as Beauty Crete, has been specializing in flooring restoration for nearly 10 years. We have a large client base with many clients choosing to use our services time and time again. We are honest, we will work with you and help determine the best concrete flooring solutions for your needs and desires. Of course you can choose Xtreme Flooring because we are the best and most trusted service providers for hardwood floor recoating in the metro Detroit area!

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