Concrete Floor Prep

Concrete Floor Prep in Metro Detroit

What is Concrete Floor Prep?

Concrete floor prep is a combination of specialized concrete floor services that combine shotblasting, grinding, scarification & concrete floor surface preparation. Concrete floor preparation is typically the first step in the restoration of old, aged or worn concrete. Subsequent steps are the finishing and beautification of the concrete surfaces and may include; concrete epoxy flooring, stamped concrete or other concrete finishing. In the construction industry, concrete floor prep may be combined with mastic removal, which is the removal of the adhesive or binding agent that adheres tile floors to the concrete base.

Xtreme Flooring Concrete Floor Prep Services

  • Shot Blasting
  • Steel Blasting
  • Diamond Grinding
  • Concrete Surface Grinding
  • Scarification
  • Concrete Polishing
  • Epoxy Floor Installation and Coatings

Benefits of Xtreme Concrete Floor Prep

Over 10 years of experience working with concrete floors provides the Xtreme Flooring team with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the best strategy and approach for your floor.

Save Money with Xtreme Flooring Concrete Floor Prep

Our concrete floor prep services are perfect if you are planning a DIY concrete refinishing or coating project yet do not have the equipment or knowledge to cost effectively prepare your own surface.

Save Time with Xtreme Flooring Concrete Floor Prep

Leave the hard work, dirty work and heavy lifting to us. Save countless hours in preparing your surface by letting the seasoned professional prepare your surface for the beautiful concrete finishing that you desire!

Contact Xtreme Flooring today to learn more about us today, let us give you the peace of mind you deserve!

Benefit - Home Value

Benefit - Home Value

Concrete floor prep can help increase the value of your house by ensuring best concrete flooring and foundation and best practices are strictly adhered to.

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Benefit - Safety

Benefit - Safety

Safe concrete floor prep will protect your from the dangerous and unenviable task of preparing your own concrete floor.

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Benefit - Peace of Mind

Benefit - Peace of Mind

Sleep better at night knowing that you have done everything possible to maintain the value of your housing assets, protect your family and have a proper concrete foundation for your beautiful new concrete floor.

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Serving These Areas

  • Downriver Concrete Floor Prep

  • Southgate Concrete Floor Prep

  • Riverview Concrete Floor Prep

  • Trenton Concrete Floor Prep

  • Lincoln Park Concrete Floor Prep

  • Brownstown Concrete Floor Prep

  • Carlton Concrete Floor Prep

  • Flat Rock Concrete Floor Prep

  • Huron Concrete Floor Prep

  • Livonia Concrete Floor Prep

  • Monroe Concrete Floor Prep

  • Canton Concrete Floor Prep

  • Belleville Concrete Floor Prep

  • All of – Metro Detroit Concrete Floor Prep

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