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The whole world has heard of hardwood floor refinishing however hardwood floor recoating is a much lesser known but, in most cases, a better renovation strategy and always a more cost effective one.

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What Exactly is Rockwood  Hardwood Floor Recoating?

Rockwood hardwood floor recoating is also known as screen and recoating, which describes the process of the finish being lightly abraded with a mesh screen and then floor being recoated with a new layer of protective finish.

While screen and recoating is a routine process to protect the hardwood floors in gyms and sports facilities, it can also be a great choice for Rockwood homeowners or businesses whose floors simply need a new layer of finish!   Over time the top protective layer of finish will be worn down leaving the wood more vulnerable to spills and scratches.  Our screen and recoating procedure restores that protective finish layer. By maintaining the top layer of finish, you will keep your floors looking better and lasting longer.

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Hardwood Floor Recoating is more durable and of similar quality compared to Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Hardwood Recoating vs Hardwood Refinishing

For starters, there is a 50%, or more, cost advantage to Rockwood  hardwood floor recoating vs Rockwood  hardwood floor refinishing. Because the process consists of screen and recoating, the quality of the finished product is more durable and of similar quality to refinishing. In summary, below are the advantages of recoating vs refinishing:

  • Cost Effective – Save 50% or more
  • Quality – Quality of equal value to refinishing
  • Durability – Hardwood floor recoating is highly durable and will last for years
  • Less Odor
  • In most cases furniture can be replaced within 24 hrs of completion

When to Choose Rockwood Hardwood Floor Recoating?

Hardwood floor refinishing is a very attractive solution for hardwood floors that have surface integrity. By surface integrity we mean that your hardwood still has the original color and does not have too many surface blemishes. Surface blemishes include too many scratches, gouges, uneven surface patterns or other outwardly obvious defects. In summary, anytime you need to restore your hardwood floor back to original condition and have a floor with good surface integrity the we suggest hardwood floor recoating!

When to Choose Rockwood Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

Hardwood floor recoating is not the solution for all hardwood flooring renovations. Your hardwood must still have as close to the original color as possible. The hardwood must also not have too many surface blemishes including too many scratches, gouges, uneven surface patterns or other outwardly obvious defects. In summary, anytime sanding is required to return your hardwood back to original condition than we suggest hardwood floor refinishing.

Why Choose Xtreme Flooring?

Xtreme Flooring, formerly known as Beauty Crete, has been specializing in flooring restoration for nearly 10 years. We have a large client base with many clients choosing to use our services time and time again. We are honest, we will work with you and help determine if the solution to your problem is recoating vs refinishing and if the solution is refinishing we will refer you to trusted Xtreme Flooring partners that specialize in hardwood floor refinishing. Of course you can choose Xtreme Flooring because we are the best and most trusted service providers for hardwood floor recoating in the metro Detroit area!

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