Don’t Regift, Refinish! Hardwood and Concrete Floor Beautification

Don’t Regift, Refinish! Hardwood and Concrete Floor Beautification

This Season, Give a Gift the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Instead of buying your relatives a gift card because you couldn’t think of anything else, give them a unique gift that the whole house can enjoy: floor re-coating!

Now, you’re probably wondering like I was what the difference between re-coating and refinishing is and why you’d want that for your concrete or hardwood floors. Well, don’t worry, you’re in good hands! Like any other customer, I’ve done some research on the services and broken down the three types of flooring solutions offered by Xtreme-Flooring

Hardwood Floor Re-coating

Most of you have probably heard the term “refinishing” a hardwood floor, but many are not familiar with “re-coating.” Hardwood floor re-coating is a much less exhaustive, much less expensive way, of redoing your hardwood floors. Refinishing a hardwood is usually reserved for floors that have extensive damage like scratches and dents. You don’t want to pay for the cost of refinishing your hardwood floor, especially if it’s not damaged. If your hardwood floor is looking a little dull these days, re-coating is the perfect solution for you! Click here for another blog entry from Xtreme-Flooring for further information and to see images of their beautiful high-quality results and to learn which solution is best for your floor.

Below is a list of Pros when it comes to hardwood floor re-coating:xtreme 1

  1. It’s better to let the experts do it! A little known fact about hardwood floor re-coating is that if you try to do it yourself, you might be trapping more dust in the coating than what was there to begin with. The experts at Xtreme-Flooring have the equipment and the know-how to prevent dust from sanding the floor and dust in the environment from getting trapped in your beautiful floors.
  2. Hardwood floor re-coating restores the original shine and luster to your floor! Un-coated hardwood looks like plywood. Sure, maybe you want that rustic look in your cabin up north, but nothing makes a home look cleaner than a beautiful, shiny floor!

As I mentioned above, major scratches in the wood will need more attention. Re-coating a floor can help fill in minor scrapes in the floor, however, and keeps a protective layer on the surface to help prevent further scrapes!

To the right is an image from Xtreme-Flooring’s website with images of beautiful, re-coated hardwood floors.

 Concrete Flooring

You might be surprised to learn that concrete can have a coating. I know I was not aware of that. But like hardwood flxtreme-2oors, concrete flooring can be coated as well and has many positive benefits like that of it’s sister hardwood floor re-coating.

  1. Many industrial environments use concrete flooring to brighten the workplace. Dull, un-coated concrete can leave a workplace feeling dim and depressing. The reflected light can increase the brightness of a workplace and in turn create a happier work environment.
  2. Concrete flooring that is coated is much easier to clean! Think of your own experience: is it easier to sweep your concrete driveway or Swiffer your shiny polished floor, concrete, tile, or hardwood? I’m willing to bet most of you picked the latter. Unfinished concrete has microscopic pockets where dirt can be trapped and studies show that when you see dirt and clutter, you subconsciously become stressed. Concrete flooring with coating will not only look better, but it will be easier to clean and reduce your stress level!
  3. Concrete flooring with coating lasts longer, especially when it’s in a garage or industrial space.

Click here to learn about the concrete flooring services offered by Xtreme-Flooring

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy was a new term for me when I was researching flooring solutions. Once I found out what it is, I immediately recognized it! Epoxy is the colorful, shiny finish you see on the sales floor of a car dealer or a high school cafeteriaepoxy 1. It almost looks like marble with the different colored flecks. This flooring solution has a variety of uses and can be applied virtually anywhere you’d like.

  1. Adds shine and color to a floor. As mentioned earlier, shine helps brighten the room and makes for a happier environment.
  2. Like all coating, it decreases the time and effort spent on cleaning a floor.
  3. It can easily be applied over concrete flooring by the experts at Xtreme-Flooring.
  4. It is chemically resistant making it the perfect floor coating for a garage.
  5. If you’re looking for a green solution to your flooring concerns, epoxy is an environmentally friendly option! Many of the resins in epoxy are derived from natural ingredients like vegetable oil.

Click here to learn about epoxy flooring solutions offered by Xtreme-Flooring!

The Gift that Lasts a Lifetime

Whether you choose epoxy flooring, concrete flooring, or hardwood floor re-coating, you are certain to give a gift that will last for years to come! In this economy, many families have been forced to put home improvement projects on hold. Make your loved ones’ day by helping them with that project they’ve been wanting to do! It’s a special way to brighten their holiday!





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