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Xtreme Flooring Customer Testimonial



Peter Crunk – Xtreme Flooring Testimonial

“I highly recommend this company, Xtreme-Fooring, to anybody that is interested in Wood or Concrete Floor Beauty Detailing. I am a perfectionist when it comes to workmanship and if this company can satisfy me throughout the entire process they will be an excellent company for you and you will be a happy customer also. To see the pictures and the process of my Garage you can go to Facebook and type in –Peter Crunk — or see videos on YouTube (”

A Word From Peter About this Job – “This floor was prepared for my business HHO Gas Technology LLC that will be doing engine carbon cleaning for Gasoline engines and Diesel engines. If your vehicle is running Sluggish or Rough and has lost the new Car or Truck performance you can Gain a lot of that performance back using the safest engine carbon cleaning method HHO Gas.

Roberta Seog – Xtreme Flooring Testimonial

Xtreme-Flooring of Southgate, MI did an excellent job on my basement floor. The basement floor was ugly and I did not want carpet or tile. Jay and Jennifer came in and after three days it is just beautiful. I can host parties , entertain family and friends and know this floor will remain beautiful for years to come. This company is very professional, they explain each phase of the process. Xtreme-Flooring is dependable, honest and they get the job done. I would highly recommended them.

Dave Emmerich – Xtreme Flooring Testimonial

“Xtreme-Flooring came out to do estimates on my brother’s and then my home,
very timely. Worked out a deal. Both jobs turned out magnificently, tons of compliments from neighbors and family. Very clear instructions on what is expected by both my brother and myself (removing all materials and storing for a few days as well as when the floor can be entered onto again). Very friendly workers, were there on time, finished o time as was promised. Anticipate an improvement in keeping the interior of the house clean, and,
making a very eye appealing garage. Very Happy.


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