What is Concrete Epoxy Floor Coating?

Xtreme Flooring is Downriver Michigan’s concrete epoxy floor coating professional company.   Concrete epoxy coating is a two part system:  One part is a resin and the second part is a hardener.  When the two materials are mixed, they chemically react and create a final material which has a high abrasion resistance, has excellent bonding characteristics and has high moisture intrusion resistance.

Interior Protective Concrete Epoxy Floor Coatings

concrete_sealing_concrete_flooringXtreme Flooring epoxy coating services are ideal for home and small business application.  Our epoxy coating services can virtually be used anywhere, such as concrete and other surfaces which will breath some life onto those previously dull surfaces. Typically, Xtreme Flooring services garage floors and basements because of durability, appearance and popularity. The coatings also works great on laundry room floors, shop floors, showrooms, restaurants, concrete slabs, bars, barns, retail spaces and other interior floors.

Interior Protective Concrete Epoxy Floor Coatings are Ideal for 

Industrial and Protective Epoxy Coatings

polished_concrete_cleaningIn industrial settings, safety is vital and a constant priority with companies. Our coatings will keep workers safe and production running smoothly. At Extreme Flooring, previously known as Beauty Crete, our job has always been to provide industrial manufacturers with environmentally friendly, slip-resistant, durable industrial floor coatings. No matter what kind of industrial work environment you have, we have you covered!

Industrial and Protective Applications

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